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October 23, 2014

Tropical Autumn 2014 (a laidback Mix Of Modern Sad – Beach – Disco by DJ Supermarkt)


summer is finished, autumn is here, time for my annual lazy dj-flight to the “tropical autumn”. Expect 90 minutes of laidback, mellow daytime-disco tracks from today’s artists, some known, most still undiscovered. There are pretty much all modern disco artists in one list, that I consider special this summer. Enjoy!


128mb, 90 min


1. MAZE – happy feelings (AGFA redux)
2. GL – what happened to us?
3. GOLDROOM – till sunrise (JUSTIN FAUST rmx)
4. BEERLOVER – special girl
5. THE JUAN MACLEAN – running back to you
6. NICK MONACO – maintenance man
7. NEPTUNE SAFARI – night trip
8. CLOSER – song for the lovers
10. RETIREE – altruisme
11. LE PLAGE – mark
12. MIKE FRANCIS vs BLANK & JONES – survivor
13. KNIGHT ONE – hollow (LES LOUPS rmx)
14. LINDSTRØM & TODD TERJE – lanzarote
15. ANORAAK – living on a tape (endless summer version)
16. THE MAGICIAN – sunlight (DARIUS rmx)
17. ZIMMER – sensify me (CRAYON rmx)
18. SLOW HANDS – the fiasco
19. THE AVENER – fade out lines (SYNAPSON rmx)
20. FORMATION – all the rest is noise
21. MIDNIGHT MAGIC – night flight (PILLOWTALK rmx)
23. YUMI ZOUMA – alena


beautiful cover artwork as usual by mister dennis ratzlaff,

October 22, 2014

- ALL WE ARE – Can’t do without you (CARIBOU cover)


One of the best indie-bands of the last year for me are definitely Liverpool’s ALL WE ARE. I posted every track so far from the trio, because there aren’t too many, but the ones they share are absolutely stunning. Now they come back with another really special track, their own “indiefied and dirtified” version of CARIBOU’s “can’t do without you”.


October 17, 2014

- FLIGHT FACILITIES – Crave You [Reprise] feat. Kylie Minogue


“Down to earth” by FLIGHT FACILITIES is probably the! most awaited upcoming album this year for HDYA?. Great news is they redid “Crave you” for it with the princess of cool: Miss Kylie Minogue…. What more do you need?


October 13, 2014

- ROBERT PALMER – Every Kinda People (dropshop r.i.p. edit) +++ free dl


Very nice, gently done and respectful little edit for Robert Palmer’s unforgettable “Every kinda people”, produced by Mister Svo Lanski a.k.a. “The Dropshop” from St Pauli/Hamburg. FREE DOWNLOAD, so show him some love, and don’t forget to thank Mister Robert Palmer, too.


October 10, 2014

- CUT COPY – Oceans Apart (a glimpse of Melbourne Dance Culture)


CUT COPY are back. But this time they curated a compilation, that showcases the vibrant, always surprising club/dance culture of their hometown MELBOURNE. They will release it on their own label CUTTERS in November. Of course there are some well known producers/bands on board, but for me most of these acts are new. Curious? You can already listen to one track by NO ZU called “Raw vision”, which sounds like a Liquid Liquid Jam from New York and is ace. Can’t wait to check out the rest.



Here is the tracklist:


Cut Copy Presents: OCEANS APART
1. Knightlife – Don’t Stop
2. Andras & Oscar – Music Is My Life
3. Michael Ozone – Oxygen
4. Statue – Statue Theme
5. Turkish Prison – Overboard
6. Ara Koufax – Brenda
7. Myles Mac – Suburban Odyssey
8. Fantastic Man – Robotic Temptation
9. NO ZU – Raw Vis Vision
10. Coober Pedy University Band – Kookaburra
11. A+O – Take Me
12. Nile Delta – Aether
13. Tornado Wallace – Circadia
14. Speed Painters – Total Person
15. Len Leise – Call of Kati Thanda
16. Bell Towers – After Party at Jackson’s House
17. World’s End Press – Feel City (Outskirts Dub)
18. Roland Tings – Swimmer
19. Sleep D – Austral Aura

cutters records: Oceans apart

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