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December 18, 2014

- THE REFLEX – Milliоn Sеllеrs Vol. 2


No big words on this, cause this guy is a legend already. If you are into quality edits/reworks and you are not his fan, you must have lived on the moon the last years. At the moment the best edits come from London’s THE REFLEX, who reworks all tracks from the original stems. The results are breathtaking and an essential part of my (and tons of others’) dj-sets for a long time now. I should pay him, I guess… Tracks by David Bowie, David Cobham, Blondie, Talking Heads, Beastie Boss a.m. This is FUCKING Essential. Follow the link to his bandcamp for the download.



Quick one, because this is too good to let it pass! THEATRE OF DELAYS does his magic again by adding some dark, twisted tones to the over-used “Lady” by French-Housies MODJO, but still keeps it funky and fun to dance to in a weird sense. Always loved the original, such a great track (with a superb Chic-Sample, by the way) but i did not play it for ages, because it needed a new side. Now it’s here! Thanks Tommie!.


December 10, 2014

- BELLE & SEBASTIAN – Nobody’s Empire (video)


Such a beautiful track. BELLE & SEBASTIAN unearth another new popper from their upcoming album. No Disco this time, just pure, dreamy sugar-coated, majestic oldschool pop (in a festive sense…).




ALKALINO gives “seabird” by the great ALESSI BROTHERS (also with one track on TOO SLOW TO DISCO) a modern, slightly mellow-funky edit treatment. Still a few downloads left, so hurry up!


December 9, 2014

- FORMATION – Young ones


London’s twin brothers FORMATION are back with EP number 2 called “Young Ones”, which takes us on another ride through percussion-heavy bass-laden, funky New York Alt-Disco country, reminding of ESG, Liquid Liquid, LCD Soundsystem and Talking Heads. Ace stuff, one of my favorite new bands 2014.

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