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September 3, 2015

– AMATEUR BEST – they know


London’s AMATEUR BEST has one of these voices that will haunt you, because is is that soulful, unique and good. Combined with his modern electronic discopopmusic, the result is great, sophisticated electro-soul-pop at its best! Check out the video to his new single “They know” and then head over to the awesome remix of RAY MANG for “marzipan”, one of my favorite club-tracks now. His new, second album “the gleaners” should be great adn is coming soon!



September 1, 2015

– ROCHE MUSIQUE presents: .wave


Electronic pop-music doesn’t get better then this!! For some time now small Parisian label ROCHE MUSIQUE are releasing one amazing, outstanding electronic slo-mo-track after the other. Artist like Darius, Crayon, Cherokee, Vanilla, FKJ (a.o.) produce the most interesting modern electronic pop music (from R & B, Slo-Mo-Disco, Nu-Soul to clubbier stuff) nowadays and show a much needed way out of the mediocre, no-risk, functional uninspired housemusic, that often rules clubs nowadays. Now finally they compiled 10 tracks for a compilation called “.wave”, which knows no boundaries and features only HITS. Check this out and start believing in a better future of electronic music.


August 28, 2015

– DARWIN DEEZ – Last cigarette


Weirdo-slacker-tropical Indie-artist DARWIN DEEZ will return with his new, 3rd album called “Double Down” later this year. Here is a first taster of what he will sound like now. Looks like a return to the lighter Pop of his first album. Still love his Lyrics a lot!


August 26, 2015

– DJ-Mix: t.y.t.t.s. – soft electronic club-disco by dj supermarkt


This is a really special dj-mix I did in january 2008, which sounds really modern and “now” still today! Way back then I was totally disillusionized by the hard soulless electro music I was forced to play in the clubs where I was booked (you know I had to pay my rent somehow..). I really love the mix up until now, because it is clubby, but really smooth, silky and already sounds a lot like the solution I found a little bit later: stop playing that boring functional club-music and get back to what you LOVE (which lead to Too Slow To Disco in the end, thank GOD)! It’s just my head wasn’t “there” and ready yet in 2008!


by the way: “t.y.t.t.s.” is a track by Jeans Team, which means: TAKE YOUR TIME TO SHIT! (thats how i felt….)


I hope you enjoy it. I will not post the playlist yet, because I am curious about the tracks you can recognize. Most of them are not obvious at all but still sound like they were produced today!


in there are: Maurice Fulton, Of Montreal, Playgroup, M Craft, Gus Gus, Home Video, Loving Hands, Spiller, Jeans Team, Soft Cell!, Ernest St. Laurent, Royksopp a.m.m.



– ROOSEVELT – Hold on (official video)


Yes, you are right, I rave about Roosevelt’s music here a lot, but the truth is: I am a simple FAN! Another simple thing to me: his two latest tracks “Hold On” (now comes with a nice video) and “Night Moves” are the keypoints in all my latest dj-sets, because Mister Roosevelt’s music makes people dance and smile on the dancefloor, but still has a hidden depth and some mysterious and melancholic edges around it. Just the way I like it! This guy is able to make complicated music sound like the easiest thing in the world, he produces dancy popmusic or poppy dancemusic, that sounds wide and so much bigger then other people’s music and as a result both his latest tracks will end up in the best tracks of 2015 lists! He just finished recording his debut album, so hopefully there will be a bag of new tunes in the near future to enlighten our days on the sofa or in the car… plus my dj-sets!



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