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May 20, 2015

– DONNA SUMMER – Bad girls (LUXXURY edit)


After finishing his private “trouble-time” over copyrights with Don Henley and the rest of L.A., LUXXURY finally goes back to what he does best: Edits. This one for DONNA SUMMER is groovy and funky in one. Free Download, Get it while you can!


May 18, 2015

– TOO SLOW TO DISCO Vol. 2 – track by track with DJ Supermarkt: 3. JIMMY GRAY HALL – Be that way


(Foto: Getty Images)


Track 3 to me is the most important track on TSTD 2. Why? There is such a heartbreaking story behind it and we are proud to be the first to rerelease this lost gem since 1974. Read it here:


Could this be the key track of Volume 2?! It’s no overstatement to say we couldn’t have actually finished the new compilation without this killer track. And of course it turned out to be the longest license clearing process in the history of TSTD, but hey, worth every minute of it! It was on, it was off, we were close, then so far, so many times in the course of a single year that tears and joy were never far apart.

Jimmy Gray Hall was signed to Epic Records by Stephen Paley (Head of A&R who signed Sly Stone and Shuggie Otis in the same year!). Studio time was booked to record an album, but unfortunately drugs and other distractions made him miss several recording sessions and his voice suffered, so the recordings were halted and sadly Jimmy Gray Hall was dropped by the label. The only completed recordings were three promo 7”s, each of them a total gem and a testimony to an outstanding, if lost, talent. The arrangements are great and the warmth and dirtyness in his vocals is incredible. He played most of the instruments himself. Fate was to turn darker, and sadly he died in 1984 under tragic circumstances during a bank robbery. In a strange second life the track was taken to heart by British Northern Soul DJs in the late 70s and ended up with a cult following.

It was a huge team effort, but today, some 40 years later, we can finallly present a mastered version of that track. The original tapes were nowhere to be found so Mike Piacentini at Battery Studios NYC did an amazing job mastering the track from a 7 inch copy. Huge thanks go out to his son Grady Hall, Stephen Paley, Katherine Begley at Sony for making this possible. (DJ Supermarkt/Alexander Festivalhall)



– JUNGLE – Julia (SOULWAX rmx)


No words necessary! The Soulwax brothers give JUNGLE’s “Julia” a percussive rhythm-driven Electro-Disco disguise. What can I say? Works Well!


May 12, 2015

– TOO SLOW TO DISCO Vol. 2 – track by track: 2. BEN SIDRAN – Hey hey baby


Sure, he’s not really a household name, but the hip-professorial Ben Sidran is not only an outstanding multi-talented jazzer, he’s also an author and university lecturer. The prolific Sidran has released 34 solo albums (on prestigious jazz labels like Verve), and has been acclaimed for his ability to cross-fertilise grooves and bebop with poetic and witty lyrics (The Times of London called him “the first existential jazz rapper”). He played with Steve Miller and Boz Scaggs when he was young, was invited to record with the likes of Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, and Peter Frampton, and has written several highly-regarded books about jazz. Like any luminary of the classic years of recording, a lot of his cuts have been sampled, most notably the track you’ll find here „Hey hey baby“ (used by MC SOLAAR in 1991 for „victime de la mode“). The Chicago Sun Times once called him a “Renaissance man cast adrift in a modern world“. Sidenote: Ben Sidran is in a year-long legal battle with Universal, so there initially was no chance AT ALL to license this track. Until we contacted Leo Sidran, his son, who liked the idea of TSTD and fought hard to make this happen. This track wouldn’t be on TSTD 2 without the enthusiasm and persistence of his son Leo Sidran (also a well known musician and composer) – big props Leo!


May 11, 2015

– Australian Double: New tracks by TOTAL GIOVANNI & RETIREE


Two of my favorite Australian Modern-Disco Bands have just released new tracks. Both are ace slices of laidback slacker Alt-Disco with heart and dirt. Check them out:





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