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August 8, 2014

- THE B-52′S – Dirty Back Road (FLASH ATKINS edit) +++ FREE DL

b 52s

Such an outstanding band from the 80s and such an outstanding album (I prefer it to their “classic” first one, because it is more funky and disco). This is a cool, minimal dub-edit by FLASH ATKINS for “Dirty Back Road” by B-52′s. And it is Free!



and here is a video for the original version:

August 7, 2014

- RETIREE – Altrusime (official video) +++ FREE DL


This Australian band is like the essence of what HDYA? is about. RETIREE are some guys writing weird, exotic, but beautiful, lazy soft-disco-tropical-music, without taking themselves too seriously and sounding like they have a lot of fun. Love it. Here is their take on the big topic of “altruisme”, performed in a great multinational language.



listen to their first EP here

August 4, 2014

- NICKY NIGHT TIME – Everybody together (official video)


I am on holidays, so sorry for not posting a lot these days… Couldn’t stop me from sharing this video of the first track by Nicky Night Time (a.k.a. Nicky Van She from Van She) with you. It is like the essence of what makes a great party track. It is a funky Piano-Discohouse tune, it is fun, has a great vocal sample and wants you to bounce through the room. Fine with me then!



July 28, 2014



Everything he touches turns into Gold. That must take some time! That also explains why Marius Lauber a.k.a. ROOSEVELT from Cologne/Berlin is taking so long to release new music. This time he lends his warm, electronic dance-grooves to Glass Animals new single “pools”. Great band, by the way!


July 23, 2014

- PILLOWTALK – Love Makes Parks


San Francisco’s PILLOWTALK are perfecting their modern, soulful Daytime-Disco-Vibes. Next one: “Love makes Parks”, with the voice of SOUL thrown in! This is so incredibly smooth and mellow…


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