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September 30, 2014

- GL – What Happened To Us? (Official Music Video)

GL This tune is stuck in my ears for almost 2 weeks now. GL is a duo from Melbourne/Australia that sounds like only Australian bands can sound for some time now. Sun-drenched, lazy, Synth-Disco-Pop at it’s best. I tend to call this “sad-beach-disco”. Comes as a new Ep on the great Australian label Plastic-world, also home of HDYA? favorites like RETIREE. Also check out another beautiful track of this EP called “Won’t you see me”:

September 29, 2014

- ERLEND ØYE – Rainman (Official Video)

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New album “Legao” by Erlend Øye (Whitest Boy Alive, Kings of Convenience) is on it’s way and announced for october. Judging from the tracks we heard so far, it sounds like Too Slow To Disco 2014. Fluffy, laidback, sunshine-filled soft-pop with Soul and a light disco-feel, that wants to be romantic and naive. Here is a new one called “Rainman” which sounds like 10CC’s “Dreadlock holiday” mixed with The Pale Fountains!



just to remind you, here is the beautiful “Garota”:

- THRUPENCE (on Future Classic)


Thrupence is the latest addition to the Future Classic Family. He is from Melbourne, called Jack Vanzet and an artist (not only painting all his covers), as well as a musician. His laidback, broken, soulful and sample-heavy downbeat-tracks remind me a lot of THE AVALANCHES. Pop music rooted in a Hip Hop world. His new mixtape (not album) “Lessons” is coming soon. Download two of his tracks for free (and discover lots more) on his bandcamp:




September 23, 2014

- ALL WE ARE – I wear you


Almost one year ago Liverpool’s Trio ALL WE ARE released their first track, the lazy, tropical Alt-Pop Slo-Mo-Disco track “utmost good”, which I shared here on HDYA? because it was simply outstanding. Two tracks later they are signed to Domino Records and release “I wear you” another soulful, slo-mo Alt-Disco track that is really, really special. Ones to watch, definitely.



September 22, 2014

- NICK MONACO – Mating Call (on Soul Clap Records)


Nick Monaco is from San Francisco and part of the ever growing family that is building around the SOUL CLAP – boys and their label SOUL CLAP Records (alongside SF-amigos PILLOWTALK, LIFE ON PLANETS, NAVID IZADI and a handful more artists). What brings them together (besides their crazy record collections) is their love of Disco, Soul, modern Electronics and something I would almost describe as “Country-Disco”. All their tracks are very earthy, warm, analogue sounding, but still modern. Plus they are often based on a weird voice-sample that will stick in your ears for days. Nick Monaco just released his debut-album and it is by far my favorite electronic album in a long time. It is fun and serious at the same time. Listen here. Plus, he just finished an in session:mix for Mixmag, which is ace, too.



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