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September 15, 2014

- LA.GA.STA: Free Late Summer compilation Vol. 4


Christmas in september. These guys are still crazy! My favorite music blog for modern music La.Ga.Sta from Athens/Greece is giving away another compilation (volume 4) of free and rare or unreleased summery daytime-disco-tracks by bands/projects that are regulars on HDYA?. Includes works by a.o. POOLSIDE, PSYCHEMAGIK, SLOWHANDS, NILE DELTA, SINKANE, LARRY GUS, MIDNIGHT MAGIC, WOOLFY, ROOSEVELT and MIAMI HORROR. Remember, all FREE DOWNLOADS! So go and get it and pay respect and say thank you!


September 11, 2014

- LES SINS – Bother (a.k.a. TORO Y MOI)


For some time now Chaz Bundick a.k.a. TORO Y MOI comes up with music that is so outstanding, special and unique, it is jawdropping. That includes the awesome tracks for his sideproject LES SINS, which is more dance-orientated then his poppy Tory Y Moi – stuff. Now he announces his debut-album as LES SINS for november together with a new track called “bother” which is growing on me the more I listen to it. This is modern dancemusic without rules, restrictions (much too short, much too crazy), but still poppy in a great way. Check out the video, as it is fun! and then go straight to Toro Y Moi’s soundcloud for more LES SINS-tracks

September 10, 2014



More POOLSIDE greatness. After yesterday’s awesome remix for FOOL’s GOLD, they share a new rework, this time for Little Dragon. This one is a more laidback balearic affair.


September 9, 2014

- FOOL’S GOLD – I’m in love (incl. POOLSIDE rmx) ++ FREE DL!


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Finally. LA’s Afro-Pop-Weirdos FOOLS GOLD return with their new single and it is a great, slackery slice of precussion-heavy Afro-Disco-Pop from heaven! You might have heard the POOLSIDE remix before, cause it was part of their latest dj-mix. I ripped the track out of the mix and played it since (sorry guys). it goes down a storm everywhere I drop it, I can tell you. FREE DOWNLOADS (they gotta be crazy) !!!!!!


- FLIGHT FACILITIES – Two bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)

FlightFacilitiesDowntoEarth So many disappointing albums in the last months from bands/acts whose tracks HDYA? loved, I really hope that FLIGHT FACILITIES won’t let us down. Here is the first track from their upcoming album “Down to earth”, and it sounds good. Great laidback Disco with a light House-Touch and the dreamy vocals of Brisbane’s singer Emma Louise.


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