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I said it before, but most of the music I like recently comes directly from the sunny state of CALIFORNIA. So do TRAILS AND WAYS who raised some Internet-Buffin eyebrows with their single “Nunca” two months ago. Since then their following spreads like a wave! No wonder. Their unusual mix of Tropical Indie, breezy atmospheres, electronics and guitars plus great vocal harmonies in diffrent languages is breathtaking! This can save lifes! Enjoy three of their songs including their brandnew – to me – best track (so far) ” Mtn Tne”. Warch them grow, amongst others, here:


  1. Krass

    Wow, Miracle is a MiRACLE! Great summer tune. Big Hug from Berlin!

    #1 Comment vom 06. August 2012 um 12:46

  2. admin

    hallo amigo! Summer forver!

    #2 Comment vom 06. August 2012 um 22:10

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